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Chantelle Gillespie (Editor-in-Chief)

Great Expectations

Guys, guess what? I approached a stranger today and briefly told them about my walk with God; I even managed to share a part of my testimony. You're probably thinking to yourself: "That's no big deal, shouldn't all Christians do that?” Well, sadly this is something that I’ve been struggling with. My fear of rejection had hindered me from evangelising, but today God gave me the boldness to just go for it.  I was so elated that I felt as if I was walking on water. I just couldn't believe that I actually did it; I had achieved my good deed for the day.

When I'm at home, I'm usually lumbered with the delightful task of tidying the room for my two sons who are aged three and six; however, a few weeks ago, I decided to ask the boys to do it themselves. I left them alone to get the job done and after about 10 minutes, they came running down the stairs shouting: "Mummy, mummy, come and look at our room now."

I opened the door to see their bedroom looking somewhat tidier; however, a few of their toys were hanging out of the drawers and some were still left on the floor in the corner of the room.

Their massive ecstatic grins told me that they eagerly awaited praise for a job well done because in their eyes, they did the best job that they could do. Even though my boys didn't clean the room to my standard, I still gave them a hug and let them know that I was very proud. I could tell that they tried their best; however, as they get older, I will expect more from my children when it comes to cleaning up after themselves.

These are my babies, thank you Lord for my family.

These are my babies, thank you Lord for my family.

Sometimes when we achieve something great for the Lord, we perceive this as a job well done and this can cause us to feel as if we don't have to make an effort to aspire for anything greater.

We must remember that God is our creator; therefore He owes us nothing. God will expect more of us as we grow in Christ. This walk will continue until we reach our final destination which is Heaven. There's always going to be deeper depths and higher heights to reach. It's not time for us to put up our feet just yet.

To those of you, who have accomplished great things for the Lord, I'd like to say well done, but what's your next challenge?

“So then, brothers and sisters, we ask and encourage you in the Lord Jesus to keep living the way you already are and even do better in how you live and please God—just as you learned from us.”

 1 Thessalonians 4:1 CEB

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